20 week ultrasound

Today was the 20 week ultrasound at the MFM office at the hospital because now at 36 I’m an old pregnant lady. 😂 It was a long appointment and they looked at everything. We got mostly great news. He looks so perfect in there. He has sweet little lips and loves to move his arms and legs. I loved watching him wiggle around. He started out head down and we all know that makes me happy! But then he went transverse and then to breach! 😆 Obviously it’s still super early and he has lots of wiggle room to flip and turn and play. We could see all 4 chambers of the heart and his brain and spine they even looked at kidneys and eyes! Every square inch of this sweet boy we saw. The nurse practitioner did come in and let us know that it looks like we only have a two vessel umbilical cord. She said they normally have 3. The good news is because everything else seems perfect she said we shouldn’t really be worried. I will have to now have more appointments to watch and monitor his growth. So I will be going back every 4 weeks for a growth scan. The obvious perk is we will get to see his sweet little face more often!!! It will always amaze me how fast they grow and how perfect he looks. The screen makes him look SO big but in reality he was a whopping 12oz! A whole soda can in there. Seeing him wiggle and grow makes me love him even more and I can’t wait to see his sweet little face in 20ish weeks. Leaf was so sweet on the phone and talked about his baby brother coming. It’s so special to help a family have a baby but, it’s also so exciting to help make Leaf a big brother!!! I’m sure like any older sibling he’s going to be shocked that a new baby is there and all his normal attention has to be shared now but I just know he’s going to do great.

We then had my regular OB appointment and we got to talk about birth plan!!! Basically the plan is to have a healthy baby 😆. We will plan to still deliver in lake St. Louis. Apparently they have done a new remodel since we were there last and it’s very nice. The goal is to make it to 39 weeks and induce if needed but generally I go by 39 weeks anyway. So hopefully since his due date is July 7th maybe I’ll be home having some drinks 🍹 on the 4th of July!!!

Thanks to everyone who loves and supports us all and let’s all keep praying that this umbilical cord issue isn’t an issue at all!

Look he’s smiling!!!
Pregnancy perks! 😝
Awe baby feet 🦶
Ricky also sent me flowers today and it was a perfect day for them. 🥰

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