We’re half way!!!!

Woohooo today we are 20 weeks! So that means half way, only 20 weeks or less to go! Generally I go around 39 weeks so that would be great. Last time mister Leaf cheated me out of the end of pregnancy and came at 37 weeks. 😆 I LOVE the last 3/4 weeks because it’s filled with so much anticipation and excitement for everyone. I go tomorrow for the big ultrasound at the hospital because I guess at age 36 I’m considered a super old lady! They called it a geriatric pregnancy. It’s also funny because it’s a like 26 year old embryo. Not my old lady egg! So my ultrasound should be about an hour and then I have a regular drs appointment. So tomorrow will be an all day event. I’m already sleepy 💤

I’m feeling great still. I do get a bit more winded after showering and dressing. Especially if I have to blow dry my hair. The kids say my belly is really firm 😂. Baby LB isn’t as active as leaf was. I’m hoping to get some good kicks and moves here soon. I’m still eating lots of fruit and I have started back on my ice cravings. I still haven’t gained weight!!! (I’m super happy about this) Today kailynn did our photo shoot and she actually did a good job. She definitely didn’t complain as much as Ricky does when I ask him to take a picture! All this crazy snow we have had the last couple days has me super nervous walking outside. I feel like I do the 90 year old woman shuffle.😆 Now let’s get to the fun stuff baby LB is up too!

How’s Baby LB?

This week marks a milestone – Baby LB has straightened out enough that we can now measure him from head to toe, as opposed to the old “crown to rump” measurement that we previously took, so don’t worry if it sounds like he has grown more than seems possible when you hear his measurements – we’re just measuring more of him now. Because of this, Baby LB is now about 10 inches tall (25.4 cm), the size of an endive, and he weighs about 10 ½ ounces (298 g). If Baby LB is a girl, she now has seven million primitive eggs in her ovaries, and if Baby LB is a boy, his testicles are descending from his abdomen into the scrotum.

Inside your uterus, Baby LB’s skin is still in the process of being covered in a creamy white substance called vernix caseosa that will cover and protect his skin through until birth. Scientists speculate that this coating might play a part in helping Baby LB adjust to living ‘on land’ instead of in the watery environment inside your uterus.

Your healthcare provider will be able to see the presence or lack of male genitals at your second trimester ultrasound, and if you wish, can tell you Baby LB’s sex by now. He is going to keep gulping down that amniotic fluid – he now consumes multiple ounces a day. Baby LB is also sprouting teeth buds underneath his gums, as well as lips, eyelashes, and eyebrows – the face you’re going to know and love is on its way! Just 20 short weeks until your bun will be fully cooked.

I’m not really sure what this is but it’s kind of cute 😝
I also don’t know what this is…

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