22 weeks.

Life has been moving right along. The weather has been much nicer here the last week or so. I’m so happy because I love to be outside and go for walks! Baby LB is so very fun and active now. We are really enjoying some play time. By “we” I mean I enjoy pestering him until he kicks me. 😆 I go for my next growth scan in two weeks. I’m excited to see him again. The kids are so excited for baby to come because they know we are going to Disney after. I’m not going to lie I’m pretty excited for Disney too! Let’s hope I heal well and fast because I’m due July 7th and we are supposed to leave august 28th. I’m definitely eating ice now! I also want lots and lots of pizza. Still not gaining any weight but definitely getting rounder. I get a little winded from time to time but that’s all fine too. I’ll post a few fun pictures.

How’s Baby LB?

When Baby LB isn’t sleeping (which at this point is 12-14 hours a day), he is trying to touch anything he can. Whether it’s his face, body, or umbilical cord, he is working on his physical abilities and motor skills by practicing movement, and getting a feel for things. His inner ear is also developed to the point where he has a sense of balance. Baby LB may not be using that sense of balance on any gymnastics equipment yet, but the more his ears develop, the better the chance that he is hearing you when you talk, and learning your voice, so that when he arrives, he’ll recognize you.

And his pancreas is already busy creating its own hormones, which helps alleviate your hormonal burden. Baby LB is now about a foot tall (30.5 cm), and weighs close to a pound (450 g). His eyes are still developing, as he still lacks pigment in his iris, and therefore an eye color. Baby LB is now the size of an ear of corn.

Just me living my best life. 😆
Grow baby grow.
Well how adorable is this!

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