24 weeks/growth scan

Today was the growth scan and the echo heart specialist appointment. I’ve never had to see a echo heart specialist before. Apparently this is a new thing for ivf pregnancy’s they recommend now. It took TWO hours! I have to say my belly is a bit sore now. Especially my right side that’s where they kept pushing down and checking. Great news is his heart looks just fine and and growth was perfect as well! The next appointment J and K are going planning on coming up for. That will be nice to visit and for them to hopefully get to feel this little dude kicking around. I had them check to make sure it was still a two vessel cord just in case they could have been wrong. Lol they were not wrong. It’s all still good though he is now 1 pound and 7oz! Grow baby grow. My belly is growing and I still feel great. So far still no weight gain and I’m just eating my ice and my berries 😂. I wish our weather would get nice again we had a great week of sunshine and 70s and now it’s been raining and dark and crappy out. I miss my nice day walks! They did say after my next Growth scan depending on how things look I may have to go every 3 weeks instead of 4. It’s crazy to think how fast this all seems to be going by. Now let’s get to the pictures and fun stuff!

How’s Baby LB?

By the end of this week, Baby LB is probably about 13 inches long (33 cm), the size of an eggplant, and weighs just under 1.5 lbs (600 g)!

Baby LB is starting to develop taste buds, which means that before too long, your little one will be able to taste some of the stronger flavors of the things you eat through the amniotic fluid they still swallow regularly. And according to a 2011 study, this could impact their food preferences later in life, so make sure to eat a range of nutritious, tasty, flavorful foods — it might mean you’ll have an easier time introducing your toddler to new dishes in just a few years.

Baby LB’s lungs are developing significantly after all of the breathing they’ve been getting, and they’re now making cells that will produce surfactant, a material that will help them breathe and get the oxygen they need once they’re born. Surfactant is a liquid that helps keep the tiny air sacs in the lungs, the alveoli, from sticking together as a baby breathes.

Your growing baby has also gained about a quarter of a pound last week (110 g) in bones, muscle, and fat, so they’re finally beginning to really fill out. And even though Baby LB’s eyebrows, lashes, and hair are coming in, they still lack pigment and appear white. Your little one’s skin is beginning to glow a bit pinker now, due to the appearance of tiny blood vessels called capillaries. And their ears and fingernails are also fully formed now.

🧊 🧊 👶

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