Holy third trimester!

Wow 😳 I can’t believe we are already here. 28 weeks prego. The third trimester is by far my favorite! Not only do I obviously look pregnant now but baby boy is moving ALOT! Then there is all the excitement of knowing labor is on its way. We now have appointments every two weeks plus the growth scans! This week has been so busy and fun. Work has been crazy because I have to get everybody summer ready before I step out for a bit. Then J and K came into town for our growth scan this week. It was sadly a very fast visit but any time we get together is honestly always fun. I also has my sugar glucose test on Thursday. 😬 We got the results back today and all is good! Woohoo 🎉

Both ultrasounds were great. Baby LB is growing just fine still. My fluid levels are also great. This two vessel cord doesn’t seem to bother this boy one bit. We got some great pictures of him in the ultrasounds. The tech was so kind and even did some 3Ds since mom and dad were here to see. I can only imagine how good these things are going to be in 10 year from now! It was like he was already out and we were looking at him. He’s just perfect in there. I believe they said he was like 2 1/2 or almost 3 pounds! Grow baby grow.

I believe the kids were most excited J and K were coming. They love seeing them. It’s because J and K play with them and well I don’t. 😆 We ate so much food and even got to do some shopping. 🛍 I always like taking people to St Charles Main Street. It’s such a fun area. I’m definitely tired now and am excited to go to bed early tonight. So I know the third trimester is hitting. I still haven’t gained any weight but I’m trying to stay active between walks since it’s nice out and being busy at work I’m doing good. Definitely still craving ice! Fruit is still good but not like it was before. 😆

It’s crazy to think next time I see them I will be getting ready to have their baby. 11 weeks to go or less just seems crazy. It’s going to go so fast and I know it. Oh I should mention at our first appointment baby LB was breech. One hour later at the next ultrasound he was transverse! So he really is a mover in there. We also got to see him practice breathing. I’m so glad they were both able to feel him kicking around in there a little bit. I know how real it makes everything for me so I’m glad they got to feel as well.

I know I say all the time how blessed I am to help but I don’t think I can say it enough. I hear people tell me all the time how great I am and how lucky these couples are to have found me etc. etc. please know I truly am the lucky one! These families have forever changed me and my families lives for the better! I’m not an emotional girl but I could cry knowing that because I took a leap and wanted to help others that I have met such wonderful caring people! I truly can not imagine not knowing all these families. Surrogacy can be such a wonderful life changing experience for everyone involved. I’m so happy God has allowed me this opportunity to help others.

Now let’s get to the fun stuff baby is up to and LOTS of pictures from our visit. ♥️♥️♥️

Baby LB’s wrinkles are starting to disappear as they build more fat, which will help them regulate their body temperature after birth. Temperature regulation, like the surfactant your little one is producing to prevent lungs from collapsing, is a big step for Baby LB toward being able to thrive outside the womb. In the meantime, Baby LB is continuing to rehearse for life by dreaming (moving in and out of REM sleep in cycles, just like you!), coughing, and practicing breathing. What a talented baby you’ve got there!

So perfect
Had to get our picture by the expectant mothers sign. 😍
Baby kicks!

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