Beta numbers!

So I slacked off on telling everyone about my actual blood work beta numbers that the dr considers confirmation of pregnancy! I went for the first test on Wednesday morning and by the afternoon we got the numbers back. I was hoping for 200ish it came back at 178 that was 9dpt. 🙌 woohoo that is a good strong number. So then I just had to go back on Friday to get another blood test. They do this to make sure the numbers double. That indicates a successful pregnancy. So at this point we were hoping it doubled.

I went in at 8:30 am so even earlier then I did on Wednesday and all day I waited for the numbers…. Nothing… I kept checking my quest and nothing was there. Finally the Dr office called me and they said they didn’t get them either! Now it was Friday at like 4:30 and they basically said we would have to wait until Monday to find out what the numbers actually were. Turns off it the quest worker didn’t order them as stat! Stat means they are to be done ASAP and faxed to dr. It said it ALL over the lab slip. I was so frustrated with this guy that took my blood now.

Anyway J and I weren’t really worried because my first number was so good it would have just been nice to know the second one. Then on Saturday I took a nap before Halloween trick or treating started and when I woke up J had texted me to let me know the Dr called her because they sent him the numbers!!! It was 478!!! That more then doubled.

So as far as symptoms go I still feel super normal. I just nap even more then normal 😆 if you know me in real life you know my favorite thing to do is nap!!! I just require a lot of sleep. Unless I’m on vacation or it’s Christmas morning. Those are my only exceptions. Oh I do get pretty hungry more often also and still smelling everything from a mile away. I’m just praying I stay lucky and still don’t experience any morning or night sickness. This is pregnancy number 6 and I want to keep this streak going.

My meds are all still the same and going strong. I take estrogen pills 3 times a day and I do my big nighttime butt shot each night plus two pio vaginal suppository’s morning and night also. I will have to do this basically the whole first trimester. Then I will get to wean off them. My butt is sore like normal and sometimes the shot hurts worse then other times. I swear Ricky does this on purpose. 😆 The good news is it’s all totally worth it! I believe I’ll do another blood test on Tuesday so I’ll update them. I hope everyone had a happy Halloween!

First blood test
My poor nephew 😝
My cute kids 🥰