7 days past transfer

Well I’ve still been trying to get something to pop up on the pregnancy tests and I’ve had little glimpses of something trying to come through. Yesterdays test looked promising so I figured today’s would look good in the morning. Sadly it didn’t. I don’t feel like I see anything at all. It all sucks. I know this is part of the process and it can happen but it doesn’t make it suck any less.

Thursday is the official blood draw day so I’m not going to take any more tests until blood work comes back. I’m at the place now I think it’s mentally best to prepare for a fail and hope to be surprised by blood work. This sucks for us all. We all put so much work into this for it to not work. I know we did everything we could though. I’m going to suck it up and power through the week.

I will update everyone on Thursday after I get the official confirmation either way. Thanks as always for all the thoughts and prayers say a couple extra for Karen I know how much she wants this. ❤️

Today was the big day to pee

I held it all night and couldn’t wait I have felt all kinds of symptoms like headaches and nausea and I’m breaking out like a twelve year old. But the meds I’m on can do all this too they make your body think its pregnant!  So I called molly and peed unfortunately it just showed one line. So it looks like I’m not pregnant or its just not registering yet. I’m hoping by Thursday my blood test will show something! I feel very sad and let down I love their baby and them. I’m sure this is SO much harder for them. Ill just keep praying and hope for good news soon!!!