Sorry I’m late…

Sorry guys im very late on this weeks post im almost 10 weeks now but not untill sunday so ill still put up baby Jollys  9 week stats!!! I only have 3 more days of meds to go!!!!! Im so very excited to be done with this stage!!! Im very proud of myself though NEVER would i have thought I would be able to stab myself with soooo many needles!  But I did all for a perfect reason this amazing little baby!!! I find it funny how both of the posts I copied off the internet talk about this baby being a girl! I guess we will see…   I also took another pic of myself I feel like I’m starting to show at least I can tell I am! I can’t wait for baby Jolly to be moving and kicking that’s my fav part!!!!

                                                 9 Weeks Pregnant!!!

At nine weeks pregnant, you and baby have made two big accomplishments: You’ve made it to month three, and she’s no longer an embryo — now she’s a fetus. Basically that means she’s becoming more and more baby-like, and you’re inching closer and closer to leaving the nasties of the first trimester behind you. Just one more month to go! By now, you’ve probably visited the OB, and maybe even seen baby’s tiny heartbeat on the ultrasound. Exciting stuff, huh? Your baby’s the size of a green olive!She’s gaining steam! At 9 weeks, your fetus measures around .9 inches and weighs about .07 ounces.Share this with family and friends your baby at 9 weeksThis is a milestone. She’s no longer an embryo — now she’s a fetus!She’s developing more distinct facial features.And she might now have a strong enough heartbeat to be picked up by a fetal doppler