Things are going great!!!

Sorry the video would not upload. But I have been doing the shots every day I have found if I put it in slowly it goes better for me I can not jab it in like they say to do on the video! I do have my first bruise from my shot! I had my first doctor appointment to check my uterus and bloodwork that all came back great! So tomorrow I start my patches two a day I’m not worried about them at all no needles involved lol! The 18 ricky has to do the shot in the butt everyone please pray for him and me lol.


Here is the video don’t watch if you don’t want to see my fat lol. Huge thanks to Molly for calling and being so supportive!!! I have to say it was super easy and I felt so dumb for being so scared I litterly felt nothing!! Now lets hope I have the same luck with pio!!!