Tomorrow is transfer day!

I had my last blood draw here at the clinic on Friday. They called to say everything was great and transfer was all set for Monday at 1:30! So I have to show up at 1:00 for the appointment. I’m so excited for this transfer and feeling so hopeful. It’s been great spending time with J and K and baby Leaf! I sure hope and pray he is a big brother soon! My butt shots are still zero fun. Actually I feel like my butt hurts more this time. Just tender and sore. Probably because I didn’t take much of a break.

I got to have some beach time so that’s nice too! I love the ocean so much. I also finally bought my new Louis Vuitton bag I have been wanting for the last 3 years!!! It’s just perfect. 😍 I also got my nails done before I came for some extra good luck feelings. Thanks Cari.

I almost forgot we also took a kayak trip while we were here!!! It was super fun. You will all be surprised to know that Ricky was actually the one who planned this idea! I was so excited. I was quite worried we would flip over but actually we did great. Like a good husband he did all the paddling while I enjoyed the view.

I’ll post tomorrow after transfer is done. Let’s all pray for this little embryo boy. Hopefully he really finds my uterus extra plush and comfortable for the next 9ish months. Here are some pictures to enjoy.

Breakfast views 😍
They have decided to make the beach bigger while we are here.
Just laying out for some vitamin sea! 😆
We decided to take a kayaking trip!
It was really pretty
My new baby!!! 😆 🥰 I’m so in love.
Ricky was so excited to show Leaf how to play with his new hot wheels race track.

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow is transfer day!

  1. Looks like you have fun as a family 🙂 🙂 I had to read a few posts to see what was going on because I’ve never had anything to do with surrogacy. Can I ask why you are doing it? Don’t think me rude but is there a financial aspect? I really don’t know. Wish you well on the journey 🙂 🙂


    • I’m doing it because I personally feel like this is something God has called me to do to help other women that may need the help. I loved being pregnant with my own two children and had great pregnancy’s and delivery’s. I feel very blessed to be able to help others. Everyone’s journeys are different, I know women who have choose to do this for no money and others who are compensated. I will say it’s a lot of work and hormones we put into our body’s so I understand both sides of choosing to be compensated and not.

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