Ultrasound 2 with blood work!

Today was my second ultrasound and my uterus looks great. I have the triple stripe! Other ivf moms and surrogates know what this is and it’s a good thing 😂. Basically my body is doing what it’s supposed to. I’m still taking Lupron injections each night and taking estrogen pills 3 times a day! It’s all coming together.

I can’t believe 2 weeks from today we will be putting in a tiny baby embryo. I already love this little guy or gal! I also purchased some pregnancy tests today when I was at the store so I could do some early testing before my hcg blood draw. They only had 8 so I got them all! 😂 I may check target’s selection out when I go get my coffee pods later. I’m pretty picky about the tests I like. I actually love the cheap 88 cent ones from Walmart.

They have thicker red lines so I feel like even when they are super faint you can see a bit of a better shadow on them. Things are getting exciting from here on out. Also the lady behind me today at the checkout line seemed to have no idea about social distancing. She got so close I had to ask her to back up! I’ve never understood people who get so close that you can basically feel them breathing on you. Anyway this is all until next week then!

Only 8 tests I obviously need more.
This was before she moved even closer to me and I asked her to take a couple steps back! 😳

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