Small in between update.

I’m still pregnant Woohooo. This is my last official month of pregnancy. This makes so so excited for J and K. June 30th will be our induction day if he doesn’t come before then. Some days I feel like I could be pregnant for another 3 months and some days I’m worried I won’t make it another few days. 😂 This boy just moves and kicks so much he takes my breath away when he’s getting all crazy in there. Plus since his brother came at 37 weeks that makes me worry too! I want this boy to cook at least 38 weeks. So last week I had a good amount of Braxton Hicks contractions. Only when I was super busy at work and obviously not drinking enough water. So I let Dr Sammons know what was going on and she obviously told me to take more breaks and drink my water. She also said for me to start coming each week and she may check me this week. I’m hoping to not have as many Braxton Hicks this week and then maybe I can skip being checked unless she thinks I really need it. She will also do my group B test. I did start scheduling myself some actual breaks into my busy days as well so hopefully that also helps. I was joking with my clients that they would be the ones to actually put me into labor. 😂 I will be 35 weeks tomorrow and I have my appointment on Thursday so I’ll update everyone then. Hello home stretch. Don’t forget to pray baby LB flips head down and stays that way!

This was from last week. 🥰
Sonic slushes are my favorite right now. 😆

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