Waiting again…

Ok well there is another couple that likes me!!!! I LOVE them I have a amazing feeling about them there doctor is going to look at my med records (I’m not worried) I have been cleared from some of the top doctors in the country already!!! After that as long as nothing crazy happenes ill be able to do my match call with them!!! I hate to get my hopes up yet again…. but I know God will bring me the right couple and it will be a amazing thing for all of us. They live in Chicago like the last couple so that’s great news!!!! I love the idea of them getting to come to doctors apointments and hopefully spending time together to get to know each other!!! I’m hoping to have a great friendship with this couple. I also had to take my psychology test and boy was that crazy lol. It was almost 600 questions all true or false but some were so odd like do you have unusual sex WHAT???? Lol I mean what do they think is unusual I think were pretty usual kinnda people! they also asked if I ever talk to people or animals that no one else sees lol and they asked like three times if I loved my mom! Good news I passed lol. I wanted to fill one out all crazy as a joke but I figured this was not a joke kind of time lol. So once my med records are cleared we can do our phone call and get moving. I hope this all goes fast I know they said it may take there doctor till next week to go over the papers but I hope he can make some time to do it soon I suck at waiting! So lets all keep praying and I hope I get some great news fast!!!

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