Crazy doctors offices…

Ok so there doctor is trying to go over my medical records and they can’t read the ones from 2010!!! I did look at it and it is SUPER TINY print so I have tried everything to make it look bigger! Lindsay told me to try the u.p.s. store and sure enough they said no problem! But then when I got there she said nope sorry we can’t make that work grrrr! So I called and had them re fax I hope it looks better if not I don’t know what else I can do! I feel like I have been waiting so long and something just has to come and screw it all up. I’m ready to be pregnant and start shooting needles in me lol! Please remind me how excited I am for that when that time does come!!!! 

2 thoughts on “Crazy doctors offices…

  1. All on God’s time, he will know when it is the right time & the right couple! 🙂 hang in there…just whatever you do DON’T pray for patience!!!


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