Beta number 2

Well it’s technically still Sunday night but I can’t sleep. I’m so nervous for tomorrow. This weekend went faster then I thought it would have but it was still not fun. I’m just grumpy that our number was 44. I just felt like it was going to be better then that. I also just know too much. I know lower numbers statistically don’t have good results. I know there are exceptions and you all have no idea how much I want us to be an exemption. I want this to be an inspiring story we can tell others that sometimes low numbers are fine and that you don’t have to necessarily worry. I just also want to be cautious and protect my heart. I feel like emotionally I’ve just been beat up if that makes sense? The highs are so exciting and high but man the lows are just so so low. I’m surprised I haven’t even cried since the nurse called me. I’m not sure why. I’m definitely sad but I also feel like I’m so sick of crying about something we have zero control over. I hate that we just have to put all our trust and faith into everyone and everything else. Karen and Rodger are so deserving and it’s so hard to not seem to have an answer on why this hasn’t worked so far. We have done everything right. All the tests, meds, acupuncture and superstitions too! I just want tomorrow to be such a shock and surprise for us all. I want to be able to cry tears of joy. I want Karen and Rodger to be able to be happy and excited for great doubling numbers.

All I can do is pray and hope for great news tomorrow. I’ll post the beta numbers once I can. I will be at work too so that’s going to hopefully help my day go faster and hopefully keep my mind busy regardless of the news.

Beta came in early today. I’m glad because I’m so swamped today at work. Ricky opened it because honestly I was just so scared. You guys the number was HUGE! it went from 44 to 217! I called Karen immediately from the floor and I just ugly cried. I’m still waiting for the drs office to call us but this is very good reassuring news! Thank you to everyone who called, texted, prayed, sent good vibes and wishes I appreciate each and every one of you!!! Today is a good good day. I can’t even believe it.




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