Beta number 3!

You guys I seriously can’t even believe I get a beta number 3. I had counted us out after beta one and expected bad news for beta 2. What a huge huge surprise we had on Monday. Todays beta test needed to be 543. I went in this morning first thing and did it. Then I went to get a facial to try to relax and calm myself. It worked. I love being pampered. I mean who doesn’t right. 😂

Well the numbers are back and they are 1373!!!! Wow wow wow I’m so excited and shocked yet again. Doubling times should be every 48 to 72 hours they say and ours is 27 hours. Woohooo to say we are excited would be an understatement. I’m still so thankful to God for allowing this to work this time. I know things could still go wrong but I’m learning to be thankful for the here and now. What we have today is incredible and I am so over the moon happy. This little girl is so loved and I’m so lucky to get to help in her life story. How lucky am I! I’m waiting on the call from the clinic still but we will be doing our first ultrasound next week for the heartbeat confirmation. By my calculations on the internet ivf calculator we are 5 weeks today and my due date will be May 18th!!! Sounds like a perfect birthday month. Please keep praying for baby Girl. I started calling her baby Mac because I heard Rodger say it and I thought it was so sweet and adorable. So grow baby Mac grow.

✨Transfer three is meant to be✨

Here is what baby Mac is up to at 5 weeks

Your baby’s developing neural tube, which will become the brain and spinal cord, has recently grown a little tail — so your baby looks like a tiny little tadpole — but this will disappear back into the spinal cord soon. They also have a number of other amazing organs and bodily systems that are continuing to develop, like their digestive system, stomach, liver, nervous system, and, yes, brain.
But Baby Mac isn’t just a brainiac, they’re also full of heart. Baby Mac’s circulatory system is under construction and their heart is already starting to form its different chambers. In fact, a heartbeat may even show up on an ultrasound by the end of the week!
What’s new with you?
Now’s about the time when you’ll be missing your first period. And with pregnancy well under way, some common symptoms of early pregnancy may be starting to pop up. You might be experiencing a few physical effects from the increased production of hormones in your body, including sore breasts and a frequent urge to pee, all of which is totally normal.
Morning sickness, or nausea, is also very common for many folks, especially in the first trimester. The good news is that this usually decreases by the end of the first trimester. But if you’re feeling sick to your stomach at present, there are a few things that may help you get some relief well before then, including eating a several smaller snacks throughout the day, avoiding triggering smells, taking your prenatal vitamins with a meal, having food or drinks with ginger, keeping hydrated, and getting plenty of rest. And if you can’t seem to find much relief, be sure to speak with your healthcare provider.
This can also be a good time to start thinking about the habits that will allow you to feel your best and promote a healthy pregnancy. Among other things, it can help to stay active with movement or exercise that you enjoy, eat nutritious foods that help you feel satiated and good, get enough rest, and start taking a prenatal vitamin high in folic acid if you haven’t yet started doing so. Talk to your healthcare provider if you have questions or concerns about any of these things. The groundwork that you lay now can go a long way toward helping you get the self-care you need throughout pregnancy and even postpartum — you deserve it.

3 thoughts on “Beta number 3!

    • I’m just so excited and happy and shocked still. I can’t believe we started with a 44! 😂 these big jumps are so exciting. Pregnancy headaches are kicking in already but I’ll be happy to have them after all we have been through to get here.


      • I look forward to all of those symptoms as well! haha! First Journey, not a fan of needles, but looking forward to doing them for my IFs!


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