Today at around 10:30 we were officially 3 days past transfer. I am flying home today. I know what your all thinking did we test. We’ll be proud of me/us we didn’t! I just couldn’t do it for my mental health. Plus the kids birthdays are tomorrow and Sunday so I don’t want to be sad or ruin their special days. I think it will be good to keep me busy this weekend. Our official blood test is 9/9 so it’s not too far off.

I had a wonderful trip spending time with Karen and Rodger and their new puppy Clarence who is just too cute and really loved me! 😂 He also has razor sharp puppy teeth and isn’t afraid to use them. I took a nap every single day I was there. The transfer went great and the Dr said my lining was nice and thick just like they wanted. Karen and I had a good cry before we even left the house. As soon as Dr Kaplan came in he knew that we were both super nervous/anxious this time. He assured us everything was going to be great. We transferred a sweet hatching baby girl embryo.

We had lots of nice lunches and dinners and for me lots of naps! I joked that I was coming back for more naps because they have a great quiet napping house. I’ve been doing my big butt shots myself still. I definitely prefer doing them. I still can’t believe I let Ricky torture me for so long. Of course I am over analyzing all the little things I feel all day long. I have felt normal this whole time. So it’s hard. I wish we just knew already. I will say after my naps I noticed feeling like my body temperature was hot. Today Karen and I had a big long hug and off I went.

In the car I got super nauseous like really bad. I hadn’t eaten any breakfast and the roads are not great plus the meds I take… So it could totally be that but I’m hoping it’s pregnancy related. I got here and ate and felt better for a bit and honestly now I feel yuck again! It’s so weird to be excited to feel like crap. 😂 I can only hope and pray it’s baby and not all the meds that tell my body it’s pregnant.

✨Transfer three is meant to be✨

✨Transfer three is meant to be✨

✨Transfer three is meant to be✨

Baby girl hatching
My new friend Clarence

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