Today is 5dpt

So today at 10:30 am I was 5 days past transfer. I’m still trying to remain calm and optimistic. I was still feeling pretty nauseous yesterday and had a headache but today that has seemed to go away. I won’t lie that worries me. While obviously I don’t want to feel sick or have a headache it was comforting to know that maybe it was all for a great reason. 😂

The kids had great birthdays and I’m glad I’m off tomorrow too! Happy Labor Day. I have just been lounging around the house and going out to eat with the kids for their birthday picks. Everett picked Applebees and Kailynn picked Sams southern. We also went to church today and I got to pray again for this sweet little girl. Oh how we want her to grow.

I wanted one more pool day before the end of the year but I’m not sure we will get it tomorrow. So we may take the kids fishing and get some ice cream. That seems like a great way to stay busy and who doesn’t love ice cream. Oh also today I got the house decorated for Halloween!!! I love decorating for Halloween and Christmas most! Well that’s my whole update keep praying for us please.

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