Transfer 3 meant to be day!

Today is the day it’s 8:00 am. I slept ok at best last night. I kept waking up and peeing a lot and trying to not think and just fall back asleep. Yesterday I got here early and Karen and I spent the day together running errands and ate sushi for lunch. It was so good. I went to see the girls (Ellie and Grace) they wanted haircuts. 🥰 So they got them. Then I did acupuncture yesterday evening before dinner. It was great. She did a couple spots that I hadn’t had done before. It was great. We had a lovely dinner with drinks and off to bed we went. I’m trying my best to feel great and optimistic but also not get my hopes too far up. It’s a weird balance. I’m still tired now but I know I’ll have time to sleep this afternoon. I prayed during acupuncture and last night that God is picking the perfect little baby embryo for us. That she will be the one and that Dr Kaplan will put her just where she needs to be in my body and that my body is just fluffy enough for her to snuggle right in and grow grow grow.

I seriously had the weirdest dreams last night just over and over one to the next. Probably part of why I couldn’t sleep good. 😆 Today I will get ready and we will be at FCI at 10:15 for transfer. I still have zero pregnancy tests. I’m so proud of myself for not buying any. I just don’t know if I can emotionally do it this time. The fear of it being blank and white or just not dark enough is so scary to me and I just can’t take that part right now. So if anyone sees me in a store and I have one in my hands you come knock it out of there. 😆 I guess we will just see how this part goes.

The plan for today is put baby in. Come back and rest/ watch comedians then do acupuncture again. The laughing is supposed to help do something good. I’m staying here and resting until Friday then it’s back home. That’s when I know the testing stuff will be hard because I won’t be as busy and I’ll have too much time to think.

As always thank you all for the prayers and support they really do mean more to me then you know.

✨Transfer three is meant to be✨

✨Transfer three is meant to be✨

✨Transfer three is meant to be✨

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