Transfer day was today!

Last night was such a great night. We had so much yummy food and plenty of drinks to enjoy. We stayed for hours enjoying our time together. I got back to the hotel and obviously couldn’t sleep so I took a nice bath. Watched some tv and did sleep off and on during the night. I kept checking my phone to see the time and finally at 6:00 I decided I would just get up. I made a coffee and took another bath to try to relax.

I listened to some Christian radio and had a good cry. It’s all so exciting and scary all at the same time. It’s hard to explain to people how much goes into all this. I know I try to always post cute, funny and happy pictures but believe me there is plenty of hard stuff from behind the scenes. My butt is already bruised I have huge lumps from where the oil goes in.

I honestly cry before every single transfer. It’s all just so much. My hormones are crazy and today I really just felt them all. (Those who know me best know I don’t cry and I don’t let people see me cry) I hate it. I know it’s normal and ok to cry it’s just the way I am. I just kept praying for this sweet baby girl they put in! I also couldn’t stop thinking about the one transfer I had that didn’t take. 😔 It was so so sad and hard. I still think of that little girl. I know God had other plans but it still sucked and doesn’t seem fair and it’s ok for me to think that!

After I pulled myself together and got ready I was feeling better. I just needed to stay busy. FCI called me and said baby thawed out great and they actually wanted me to come early! ❤️ So as soon as Karen got here we headed over. I was drinking my water and they told me not to take my valuim until 9:30. Then they were like wait you didn’t take it yet. Hurry and take it now. 😂 So basically it kicked in right after my transfer! So we waited a little bit so I could get to feeling a little more normal.

We went for breakfast and it was sooooo yummy. Then we walked around a store and then went back to my hotel so I could rest. I’ve been sleeping for hours and it was great! Now I’m starving and Ricky is still asleep. I’m going to wake him up soon so we can go get some yummy deep dish pizza! Giordano‘s is my favorite.

So far since transfer I’ve been feeling pretty normal. I do have a tiny bit of cramping off and on so I’m going to think positive and say it’s baby girl digging in deep. DR Kaplan said my uterus looked great and it was plenty thick. But they didn’t re measure it. So now we just wait wait wait… I’ll try to stay busy watching tv and doing little things.

Tomorrow I’m having lunch with the girls at 12:30. On 4/7 we will be doing the official blood beta test where we want a good number. Then 2 days later they will have me take another to see how the numbers will rise. We are actually planning to take a at home pregnancy test on 4/1 the day before I fly out. Im hoping we get even a faint line by then so Karen and Rodger can see it in person. So here we are and now we wait.

Ricky just got up so I’m off to go get my pizza!!! Thanks everyone for the support.

Love this cool lion outside the hotel.
Last nights bath.
This mornings 😂
This is a terribly blurry picture lol 😂 But we looked so fancy.
Look baby girl is HATCHING! That’s a really good thing.
Crossing my legs and holding this baby in for the long haul! 😂

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