2dp 6dt

What does that mean???? 😂 Well in the ivf world it means 2 days past a 6 day transfer. That means the embryo/ baby grew to 6 days when they transferred her. Two whole more days before Karen and I take a test. Honestly each day I feel more confident that it’s working. I’ve had cramping since after transfer. Nothing terrible but basically when you get pregnant you feel slightly crampy. Almost like your going to start your period. Normally people don’t know or even pay that much attention to it. I obviously know they put baby girl in though and so I over analyze each and every little thing. 😂

So far my symptoms are definitely cramping, yesterday I felt like I peed a lot. (I did drink a lot too though 😂) This morning I felt just like blah. That weird feeling of feeling hungry but nothing really sounds that good. So I just get to keep waiting and over analyzing everything. Also remember I’m taking progesterone in oil injections. The purpose of this drug is to make my body think it’s already pregnant so that it wants to keep baby in here. So all these things could also be from the influx of meds too! 🙄

I’m going to visit the girls today. Ellie and Grace! Im sure they will be more excited to see Ricky because they are all going to play Nintendo together. 😂 Its always fun to see the babies I helped grow. They all grow too fast.

Yummy food.
Pizza pizza pizza
Bed rest with the price is right.

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