Testing started today!

So last night I wanted to take a test but ultimately decided it wouldn’t do any good because it’s so early. So I said I would take one tonight! I almost caved last night and J talked me off the ledge. Then first thing this morning she said have you tested yet! 😂 she is a bad influence. I knew it would be negative because it hasn’t even been officially 3 days past transfer yet! But it’s still fun to try. So I tested. Here are a few pictures.

Also remember I only have 8 of my favorite tests! Now 7! I have looked at Walmart multiple times and the dollar store and cvs and Walgreens!!! All the dollar ones are gone!!! It’s so frustrating. Like everyone must be taking tests right now or they shut the pregnancy test plants down. 😂 So as the test dries I go back to look at it because the lines start to show better once they dry well. I know technically they say after like 5 mins they are invalid but I have never had it show positive and then not be real so I just re check. This was some pictures I took after about an hour.

So at this point I definitely feel like I can see something and I’m shocked and excited! J thinks she can see it too. Ricky on the other hand swears I’m crazy and he sees nothing. Ugggg 😞. We then had to leave for the store to get school supplies and so I could check for more tests because well I only have 7 left!!! No one has any!!!

So I’m frustrated and mad that I just can’t find the tests I want. We come back home and look what I see on the counter. I was so excited and instantly made Ricky admit that he finally could see it and that I wasn’t crazy after all! I FaceTimed J so she could see in real time also!!!! So now we are excited and a bit shocked that it showed up so fast. Now we just have to keep praying that baby decides to stay!

We have an official blood test on the 31st! I’m wondering if we let them know I’m already getting positive tests if they will move it up??? It’s worth a shot. Don’t worry everyone I will continue testing to make sure it gets darker and brighter. That will show us that my hcg levels are doubling and increasing as they should. So I’ll test again tonight and tomorrow morning. Let me know when you guys felt like you could see a line? Isn’t this exciting!!! Let’s keep praying for baby girl. 💗

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