The day after transfer!

So I said I would keep you guys posted on anything worth noting. So yesterday once we got back to the hotel after lunch we got to sit down and relax. I noticed some little cramping. This has always been a good sign previously! Today I slept in a bit and went to lunch. Once we came back I started noticing more cramps. Honestly if I were busy or didn’t know what to look for I wouldn’t even notice them.

Since I know what we just did yesterday I really try to feel everything going on in my body. I’m feeling pretty optimistic since I’m having the cramps and I’ve always noticed them before as well. Obviously I have to keep in mind all the drugs I’m on also. They make your body think it’s pregnant so it’s normal to have some symptoms. Although for myself personally I never seem to really have any pregnancy symptoms! That’s a good and bad thing. While I love not being sick like so many people are I also struggle with knowing things are progressing and going well until I can have another Appointment or start feeling movements.

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