Still testing

I took another test last night and this morning and last nights I can see a faint line on this morning and this morning’s is still super faint. I drive myself crazy with these things! I just wish I would produce some strong HCG already 😂. As exciting as this all is I still don’t feel super confident or comfortable until that line gets nice and bright quickly and I don’t have to wait for it to dry!

Technically they could be what’s called evaporation lines. I’m not exactly sure what the odds of that would be happening to two tests in a row but we still think about it. Also some pregnancy’s are called chemicals where the baby attaches and you produce hcg but for some reason baby stops growing and it’s basically a super early miscarriage. These are just all fears that run through my head. I try to be positive and excited but I just want a brighter test already. It’s also still super early for testing most people wait for a total of 10 days before they take the first test. So that wouldn’t even be until tomorrow.

10 days meaning baby girl was 5 days when they put her in and then we wait 5 days after that to total 10. I really love this little girl and want her to be growing and getting extra cozy in there! Let’s all start praying my hcg picks up soon so we can have a definite positive. I’ll post some more pictures for you guys to go crazy with me over.

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