Happy third trimester! 

Looks like we’re already at the end!!! Miss Grace is really loving to move around and make sure I know she’s there! We love to lay in bed and play! I poke her and she pokes right back! I think her and her sissy are going to have lots of fun! Double trouble for mom and dad!!! On Friday we go for our yummy sugar test… I’m not worried I’ve never had any issues before! I’m excited to go visit Chicago in a few weeks! I can’t wait for everyone to feel some kicks and jabs! Plus eat some yummy pizza! We’re taking the kids this time. Kailynn is very very excited to see Ellie. She thinks she lives in a very tall building lol. Only 12 weeks to go! I swear this is even faster then last time!!! I have a love hate relationship with the end of pregnancy. I so can’t wait for Molly and Jon to meet this perfect little girl and I can’t wait to see her face and see how much she looks like her big sissy! But I hate the unknowns of when labor will start! There’s just no predicting that. Here is what sweet baby Grace is up too this week! 

baby is settling into the proper position for birth, with her head facing downward (toward your body’s nearest exit!). Your little work in progress is now about 2.5 pounds and almost 16 inches long. 

She’s also busy adding new skills such as blinking to an already impressive repertoire of tricks like coughing, sucking, hiccupping, and taking practice breaths. Your baby’s sleep now includes the REM (rapid eye movement) phase — and that means she could be dreaming already (what do you suppose she’s dreaming about?)! 

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