29 weeks and not good news…. 

So last week I went for my fun sugar test. I have been feeling great nothing out of the norm! Well today I got a call from my dr office. I knew it wasn’t good they never call unless I call them or I have a appointment the next day. Well the nurse was super nice but said my numbers were a little high. Ugggg my heart sank. All I could think was I have perfect pregnacys this is not supposed to happen to me! She said they want your numbers to be at 130 or under mine was 142. She assured me it’s not crazy high. I have to now do a three hour test next Tuesday. The kicker was guess what I had cooking oh pasta… I felt too bad so I ate just meatballs… From my googling I have found that most people that have to do the 3 hour test end up passing it. So I’m holding onto that for dear life lol.  I mean my numbers are not crazy over what they should be. So basically I’ve had a not so good day. Lots of stressing so please everyone pray for us that I don’t end up having GD. I want baby Grace to be just as perfect and healthy as she can be for her mommy and daddy!!! 

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