I’M BACK!!!!

So as most of the Facebook world knows we’re doing a sibling journey!! I’m currently 26 weeks and lots of family and friends have been bugging me about blogging again. So here we go! I’ve decided to catch everyone up! We started meds again at the end of September! And on October 28 we transferred one sweet baby!!! Turns out there was only one baby that made it to 6 days!!! So all eggs were in my basket! I was super nervous. I prayed a lot as did all my family and friends! To my surprise after 3 days I started to get tiny squinter lines on my home Pregnacy tests!!! It took forever to get one with miss Ellie so I was shocked when I seen a line so fast! I even made my husband look with me holding the flash light lol. He finally admitted he seen something! I was beyond happy and excited! I told Molly the next morning I didn’t think she needed to stress to much and sent her the picture! It then took forever to have our beta blood test! First test numbers came in at 986!!! That was HUGE compared to Ellie’s number hers was only 106! Then I had to wait for more blood tests to make sure my numbers kept rising and the a ultrasound! The next numbers were 3567 at 15 days past a 6 day transfer! Last one was 15,856!!!! On November 23 we got our ultrasound and seen one healthy heart beat of 106! They did see something next to the baby. We were all a little worried they seen this in the next few ultrasounds! Turns out it was a sch! Good news is my body just obsorbed it! That’s really all the exciting stuff! So I’ll post a bunch of pictures so you can catch up! Really the last half of pregnancy is the best part anyway!!!  


5 thoughts on “I’M BACK!!!!

  1. Hello beautiful lady!!
    OMG- congratulations to you and your IP’s! Fantastic news- you look beautiful and I am glad everything is going well.
    I too am going again, but for different IP’s this time.
    Not preggers yet though! Later this year.
    Glad to have you back xo

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