Tomorrow is the big day!!!! Week 39!!!

Could we be any more excited???? NOPE!!!! I first want to thank EVERYONE who has read and supported me with all this! Starting with Sierra if it wasnt for her I would have never been brave enough to look into all this! Then there is Norma! Your a inspiration to so many. You were there for all my questions and back and fourth of it all! Even when you couldn’t do much you helped point me to people who could help! There were a few times I was ready to just call it quits and im soooo glad I didnt!!! All the girls at work Katelyn Cheryl Lindsay Hannah Mystie and Monnie! Who listened to me wine and cry and be super excited and supported me every step of the way THANK YOU!!!! My church family who has been there to help and pray whenever I needed it!!! My best friend Krystal who calls and checks in and paints my toes because I cant reach! My parents who have helped with the kids so I could make all the trips and dr appointments! Of course I cant forget my DR! I truly feel blessed to have found her shes been beyond excited and supportive with every step! Also all my surrogacy friends there are WAY to many to name!!! Thanks for helping with all my questions! Oh I almost forgot my cuz barb!!! If it wasnt for you and that first butt shot we may not be here today lol!!! I guess I should also throw in my husband who gave me all the butt shots and put up with all the CRAZY mood swings and pregnancy crap hes been very supportive up until my huge feet… Honestly if it was not for everyone I may not be here now! What a crazy experience this has been! I will definitely update everyone after Miss Ellie makes her big debut! But it may be a few days I want to soak it all in!!! Molly and Jon are coming today were having Bbq at my parents and were all going to try to sleep…. I’m sure thats not going to go well for any of us lol. Ill be at the hospital at 6am to be induced. Thanks again for all the support everyone!!!! I truly LOVE you all!!!! Now here is what Ellie is up too!!!!                Your Baby

Your baby’s weight and height have probably increased only a little from last week (and your overstretched skin is probably grateful for that). But his or her brain is still developing rapidly (a pace that continues during the first three years of life), with changes you’ll be able to recognize firsthand as your baby’s skill-packed bag of tricks expands almost daily.

Heard that babies cry a lot? There’s definitely truth to that rumor — as you’ll find out soon enough (and usually during the middle of the night). But what you may not have heard is that tiny babies don’t produce tiny tears when they cry, since their tear ducts aren’t open for business yet. While you’ll be consoling your crying baby right from the get-go, it won’t be until sometime after the first month that you’ll be wiping tears off those chubby cheeks.

Your baby’s skin has now finally changed from pink to white (no matter how dark-skinned he or she will be eventually; pigmentation will occur soon following birth). That’s because a thicker fat layer has been deposited over the blood vessels (making your baby’s cheeks — both kinds — pinchably and kissably round).


How I keep my huge feet feeling ok lol

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow is the big day!!!! Week 39!!!

  1. Bahahaha- LOVE the pic of the feet in the fridge!!
    How exciting for you all, I will be bursting to hear from you (when you can of course). I am so pleased that you have so much support. It is a wonderful thing you are doing and I wish you a quick, pain free labour and birth!
    Best of luck, wonderful lady- from your Aussie tummy mummy friend xo


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