Week 38!!!

My oh my has time been flying by or what! I can’t believe this is my very last week as a pregnant lady!!! Im sad and happy! I know ill miss it very soon but im also excited to sleep on my belly have a margarita with my friends and of course see this beautiful girl with her parents that have been waiting so patiently!  I had a dr appointment yesterday and good news SHES HEAD DOWN!!!! wooohooo thank you Ellie!!! Im not sure if it was us turning her or the spinning babies or the acupuncture or just her decision but im so glad! Im still the same at 2 cm dialted. I have been having contractions off and on but nothing regular. Poor Molly calls and texts me for exciting news but I have nothing to report lol. Also at my dr appointment they noticed I haven’t gained much weight in fact only 6 pounds! So we did a extra ultrasound just to check on her. Good news she looks good about 6 pounds they think lol. So I im just the girl everyone hates the nurses said! I told them I swear I eat and lots of junk too!!! Having babies is like a diet for me lol. So as long as I font go into labor before next Friday then we will be induced at 6am!!! Ugggg who wants to be there that early!  But really lets be honest im sure none of us will be sleeping!  We should all just pull a crazy all nighter like teenagers lol. Here is what Miss Ellie is doing this week!

Your Baby

Only two more weeks (or plus two more, max) before your baby makes his or her appearance. And what an adorable appearance that will be! Your little one isn’t so little anymore — weighing in at close to seven pounds and hitting the height charts at the 21-inch mark (or less).

As you prepare (best you can) for baby’s ETA, he or she is also getting ready, big time. Vernix and lanugo continue to shed from your baby’s body into the amniotic fluid. Your baby swallows that amniotic fluid (yum yum?) and some of it winds up in his or her intestines where it — along with other shed cells, bile, and other waste products (triple yum) — will turn into your baby’s first bowel movement (meconium) and perhaps your first diaper change.

Your baby’s lungs continue to mature as more and more surfactant is secreted (remember — it helps prevent the lungs from sticking to each other when your baby begins to breathe…definitely a good thing). All systems, almost go! 



Look how perfect she is!!!

5 thoughts on “Week 38!!!

  1. Goooooooo Ellie!!! That is awesome that she is now head down!
    I have been dealing with sick babies so haven’t been on. You may have given birth by now, who knows? I think you look gorgeous and cant wait for more updates.


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