The induction day!!!

Sorry it took soooo long for me to post my birth story. So we all got to the hospital around 6am. It was sooo exciting they got me all hooked up to everything and we started pitocen. Nothing was really hurting very bad so they kept upping it every so often. They then told me we would break my water in the next hour and I could get a epidural before or after I had time to decide. Well I would say about 10 minutes later I felt a hard pop and knew my water broke on its own! It was a very odd feeling! Molly rushed out to get my nurse and tell her we were all sooo excited. Then about three minutes later it was the most excruciating contractions I’ve EVER felt. I told them I needed the epidural NOW! again sweet molly went rushing out to find the man to help me! He came very fast but it seemed to take forever. Still the contractions were so intense and painful I was NOT prepared for that. I was trying to be strong and not cry but it hurt so bad. When he was finally done they were still very painful and just one on top of another I wasnt getting a break and the epidural didnt seem like it was working. Thats when things started going wrong. Poor miss Ellie’s heart rate was dropping and so they kept moving me to get her in other positions it just kept going up and down. They put me on oxygen and I was crying I knew this was NOT right my other labors were sooo easy. I kept asking about her heart and they said she was fine but I couldnt see the machine to watch myself. They then put me on all fours like a dog for a bit. Still the contractions just kept coming and her heart rate still going crazy they gave me a shot to try to stop all contractions it seem to help. Then a nurse checked me and said she would get my dr. In came Dr. Sammons she checked me and had me push once or twice but poor Miss Ellie’s heart rate was still off. She told us I had to go to the operating room and we could try to push in there. They said they would come back for Molly. As soon as we got out the door they were all running. I knew then I was not going to get to push and it was bad. I could hear them talking about to much blood and someone said something and my dr said we dont have 3 minutes. I started praying for Ellie and my kids and me. I was honestly scared. I just prayed we would all be fine! They literally had her out of me in under a minute once we were in the room. I could hear her cry and it was amazing!  I was very drugged at that point and it was hard to keep my eyes open. The man that put  my epidural in Eric was the one in the room with me. He was sooo kind he held my hand and said it was all ok and that he could see her and she looked GREAT!  I kept asking to see her I just wanted to look and know she was there and ok! It seemed to take forever they finally brought her over so I could see and she was soooo perfect. I then told them to hurry and take her to her mommy and daddy so they did! At this point my dr said that her cord was wrapped around her neck twice the worst she had ever seen. She also said my placenta had tore thats why there was so much bleeding and we had to do the c section. I guess I was bleeding to much and Ellie was breathing it in. I kept telling poor Eric that something was wrong and that I thought i couldnt breathe I told him I was having a reaction he assured me he could see my vitals and I was fine. He said it was just anxiety so he gave me meds for that. He said I would feel sleepy and thats all I remember for a bit. Then I remember them moving me and I could tell my hospital gown was pulled up to high and my boobs were out. I knew Eric was still there and I kept telling him I was sorry and not to tell his wife!!! Lol I was sooo drugged!  He said dont worry what happens in the O.R. stays in the O.R. lol. They then put me back in my room. I dont remember much but my husband says I was super drugged like I had a bottle of wine lol. Thats what things went bad again. All I remember is waking up a bit and saying I needed something to throw up in I felt sooo sick. Then nurses and people were running in. I could hear lots of voices but couldn’t open my eyes. All I remember is them asking me to keep talking to them and then I would say something.  I was hemroging. At this point all info is what was told to me as I was out of it! My bloodpresser dropped and thats why I wad sick. My husband said then the nurse and drs came running in I was as white as a sheet I had zero color he said I looked scary. At that point he said the dr put her hand in me and pulled out more blood then he has ever seen. He said they did this many times. He said so much blood they were weighing it all and keeping track on a piece of paper. Molly and Jon where there also and said they have never been so scared. I had to have two blood transfusions. The drs were amazing they saved my life! Ricky  Molly and Jon said that the drs were so confident and never looked worried at all. Like I said I dont really remember any of that but im so glad I was well take care of! Needless to say it was NOT the birth any of us wanted. I feel cheated its still hard on me I very badly wanted to see them hold her the first time. See there reactions to seeing her. I didnt get that. I also understand thats me being selfish lol. She is here and health and happy and that is what matters! Miss Ellie needed to stay in the nursery for a few days to be watched because she had labored breathing. But she got to spend her last night in her own room with her mommy and daddy! We all were discharged on the same day. This was my first c section and I wont lie it SUCKS!!!! the first night in the hospital was the worst I cried and cried it hurt alot and im not a cry baby but boy did I lol. So I will say I still feel very blessed and i would do it all over again in a second. I actually think this has brought me and ricky much closer together. This has shown me to love and value everyone because you REALLY never know when things could go bad. Thanks again for everyone reading and supporting me with this! Also she was born on 6/6/14 weight 6pounds 6oz at 1:18pm.


My favorite picture when they first seen her coming out of the O.R.!!!


Look at that sweet sweet face!!!


Shes sooo alert and wants to know whats going on!!!


When I got to first meet Miss Ellie!!!! I think she recognized my voice!


In her hat my best friend krystal made her!!!


7 thoughts on “The induction day!!!

  1. What an amazing story Rashel and a scary one at that! So happy everything turned out well even though your recovering time has been extended. I admire your courage and determination and above all the just the kindness of your heart to bring love and happiness to a nice couple that I’m sure will be forever grateful for all you have done to make their lives complete!!!


  2. Oh hun, what an unintended adventure!
    My heart was racing reading your story and all I could think of was how unfair it was for someone who has put their body on the line and sacrificed so much to have to go through such a traumatic ordeal!
    Congratulations to you, special lady. You have made another couple a family. You have bought them joy, love and worry for the rest of their lives! 😉 That makes you pretty amazing in my book.
    Congratulations also to your IP’s on the birth of their beautiful daughter.
    Take some time to let your body and mind heal and remember that everything you are thinking and feeling is normal in a somewhat abnormal situation.
    Big hugs from afar xo


  3. What a scary delivery story – so glad everything turned out well for you and baby!! Our surrogate had a relatively easy and non-complicated delivery (as easy as deliveries can go) and our daughter is already 2!! We still keep in touch and see our surrogate and are of course forever grateful. 💕

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