Is it nap time yet???

Ok so I know its 100% normal but I feel like the most tired person in the world lol!!! I go to bed tired I wake up tired I try to push though the day tired! I wake up and think how many hours untill I can come back!!! I know this is the part of pregnancy I forget about and its hard for me I love to sleep lol. I know so many have it way harder being so very sick so I feel terrible about complaining about being tired!!!! Really I shouldn’t complain at ALL!!!! I wanted this and its SOOOO worth it. But yep I’m still ready for bed lol. I’m also starving when I wake up!!! I never really eat breakfast and as soon as I get up I think man Im still tired but if I get up I can go eat!!! Lol today I went down stairs for a yummy blueberry muffin and wouldnt you know Ricky ate it!!! He’s such a jerk took it right out of baby jollys mouth lol. So on my way to work I stoped at bread co for a pumpkin bagel (delish)!!! I’m also not feeling sick any more knock on wood! I guess the meds the dr. Sammons gave me are working!  I go back this week for for my last ultrasound on Friday I’m a little sad. I like seeing baby Jolly every week! It will be nice to not live at the hospital anymore though lol. I will then be fully released to my Dr.  Ill then just be like any other normal pregnant girl going once a month! I want to express again how very lucky I feel to be where I am right now! I have a amazing couple I get to help and things have went so very smooth this whole time! So please don’t think I’m complaining about things I just want to remember just how I was feeling!

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