Jon and Molly were here!!!

Well we all had a great time when they were here! We Got to see baby Jolly in there he/she wasn’t moving but boy was the heartbeat going!! It was 129 beats per min!! Then we all were able to talk with Dr. sammons. I LOVE her! She gave us a due date of June 11th!! Then we went out for lunch i picked tonys in St Charles on main street. Then we waked around and chatted. I have been getting super nausea!!! I never had that with my kids! Dr.Sammons gave me some pills to help so far no luck lol. I woke up last night at 3:00 thinking I was going to throw up every where! Gross Ricky went and got me some water and I finally fell back asleep. So far today I feel ok. So let’s all pray I don’t get sick!!!! I don’t know how normal girls do it getting sick everyday! Dr. Sammons did say it was most likely because of all the meds I’m on. So I’m hoping when I get off them ill be better! So next Friday will be one more ultrasound then I get to go to normal once a month check ups!!!

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