Only two more days!!!

I’m so excited for Molly and Jon to be here on Friday!!! I’m sure they are too lol. I had my first customer yesterday ask how far along I was!!!! WHAT…. I said well I am pregnant but it’s very new! He said well how far are you I said well like 6 1/2 weeks!!! Then the man says OH well I thought you were a lot further then that!!! (Men are idiots and jerks) first off way to make me feel huge lol and I won’t be wearing that dress again!!! Also night nausea is in full swing! I’m not throwing up but just super gross feeling. But by the time I wake up I feel fine I just sleep through it! That’s not hard to do since all I want to do is SLEEP. I love any day off so I can nap with the kids!!! My house looks like crap but I don’t care I just keep sleeping lol. So I took a picture of myself so you can all see my huge fat baby bump this man called me out on lol.


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