Last ultrasound.


Ok so i went friday for our last ultra sound! I went to a new office so i had to fill out paperwork i didnt have to do this with my ob and they asked all kinds of questions about the baby and if the father was in my life and suported me lol… So i ask the lady nicely if i had to fill this all out ahe said yes so i told her i had a diffrent situation. she asked what it was. i said well im not the babys mom. she looked at me like i was crazy and laughed i said no really im a surrogate so this is not my child and yes both parents are suportive but i dont see them everyday. She didnt know what to say so she just said i needed it fill it out and put down his info so i did the best i could they wanted all of jons family backround and mine! so i just said everything looked great lol. Then i got in the room and the lady was very kind but said i couldnt skype with molly or jon. I was so sad for them this was the first one they missed. I called and said sorry they wont let me skype or call you I’m sure they were disappointed but really what could we do. I called right after and they said baby looked great I’m 8 weeks due date now looking like june 14 or 15! The heart rate was now 170 and i got to hear it!!! (I couldn’t recored it for them i tried that too)Baby Jolly is moving right along. I’m beyond happy for them and still in awe that they trust me this much!!! I mean that’s a lot of trust to put into somone! I’m still super tired and lazy and VERY MOODY! Poor ricky takes the brunt of it all. Sometimes I feel bad for him but then I think if he knew how hard it was to make a baby all day and night with all kinds of extra hormones he would be just as grouchy!  Probably more grouchy because he’s a man and men don’t handle things well anyway lol. I decided to start putting in what the baby is up to each week also so at 8 weeks there’s a lot going on!!!                           Your Baby in Week 8 of Pregnancy

Your baby is growing at an amazing rate — about a millimeter every day — and now is the size of a large raspberry. Your little berry is looking a lot less reptilian (even though she has webbed fingers and toes, her tail is just about gone) and a lot more baby-like these days, as her lips, nose, eyelids, legs, and back continue to take shape. Her heart is beating at the incredible rate of 150 times per minute — about twice as fast as yours! And even though you can’t yet feel it, she’s now making spontaneous movements as she twitches her tiny trunk and limb buds.

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