Just a little info…

I feel like at some point all surrogates have to address the topic of what people think or say. So hear is mine. This is how I feel so far about it. Everyones first comment. How will you feel giving the baby away. Well I’m not giving anything away I’m giving it back. Its there baby not mine. Do I love this baby YES I have loved him/her before I ever met Jon and Molly. Will I be sad to not feel the baby move in me anymore I’m sure I will. But I will also know that this baby is wrapped in its mommy and daddys arms who will love and protect him/her just as I am now. Some people say its wrong. If God wants them to have a baby they would be able too. Well I think your cruel and wrong. Would you tell someone born with out a leg they couldn’t get a prosthetic? That if God wanted them to have two legs they would? I doubt it. God gives us the ability to do all kinds of amazing things with science! Then there are the ones that say they should just adopt there are lots of kids that need loving parents. There are tons of children that need homes. But where are all your adopted kids? Why were you so selfish to pop out 1, 2, 3 or more kids without helping the ones you clearly know need it? Also have you looked into adoption its not as easy as one would think. Its lots of money and time and heartbreak. Then there is still no garentee you get a baby in the end of all that! Then you hear people say what if you want to keep it! (Yes people say that) well if I want to keep a baby I’m more then able to have one with my husband and its much less work on me!!!! Then people will say well I bet its for all the money (like I’m getting millions lol) well your wrong its not! I had to talk with many people and go through lots of screening to make sure I wasn’t after just money or there baby and that I am not crazy lol. If I wanted to just make some extra cash a much easier pain free way would be i dont know a second job!!! As a surrogate you really get no compensation untill your pregnant and thats a ultrasound conformation! So all the shots I give myself and the giant ones in the butt all the pills and patches and vaginal suppositorys yep thats all for nothing! thats all because I love a baby and a family and I want to do this! I truly believe this is my gift to give to the world. God has chosen ME to help a wonderful family. I know this is not something everyone could do. But this is something I know I can. I already feel like I am so blessed to have met such amazing people that I may have never met other then this. I feel blessed that God is allowing me to yet again carry a child and feel the joy that I get from that. I feel blessed that not only is God allowing me to help make a mommy and daddy but I’m helping make grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles and cousins too!!! I want to again thank everyone who suppots me and my family and keep praying for us all!!!

5 thoughts on “Just a little info…

  1. Well said! Love the part about taking pills,shots, ect for nothing…so true!! People’s first question is always “why” or “how much money are you getting?” God works is wonderful ways!! Good luck with your miracle for you IP’s!


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