Only TWO days untill ultrasound! !!!

Could this week go any SLOOOOOOWER lol! I’m so excited to see a baby in my belly again!!! Im getting a little anxiety about making sure I can use the face time right on this ipad! If I screw this up it will be awful for Jon and Molly!!! Everyone tells me its super easy and it will be a piece of cake. I just can’t help it this is a huge exciting day for them I want them to experience this like they were right there!!!! Also my butt has been itching and the lumps are getting bigger gross I know! Stop reading if you think that’s gross because I’m also getting all itchy down below from all the vag suppositorys!!!! So last night at shot time Ricky says I have a rash all over my injection site!!!! No wonder it was so itchy! So I told him oh well do the shot we can’t stop now lol. Then we took a pic and sent it to the nurses. One of them said well I don’t know why you would be having a reaction to it now after doing so many… Well did you see the picture? I don’t know why myself but clearly its right on top of where I do shots every other night what else could it be from lol! She just said to use a itch cream and on Friday the Dr may take me off one or the other (shots or suppositorys) gosh I don’t know what’s worse! I need to decide where I would rather be itching I guess lol!!!!


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