Last beta is in!!!!

It was 2, 134!!!! Thats 17dpt I think I’m adding that right lol. The nurse xalled me to say our first ultrasound will be next friday!!!!! Woohooo. But now I’m sad Molly and Jon can’t make it 😦 I’m crushed for her… I know she wants nothing more then to be there but she just can’t so she is sending me her ipad to face time with them so they can still see baby Jolly!!! The nurse said we may or may not see the heartbeat with the first ultrasound it may be the next. Then we have another ultrasound the 25th and they will be able to come for that one so were all so excited!!! I’m also having my first craving I think green olives I can’t get enough just thinking about them makes my mouth water lol. Also I was starving today by lunch time I couldn’t wait to eat lol!!!


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