I peed again tonight

I had more tests so I felt like I should try again while ricky left for taco bell! He wouldn’t have let me test again lol. Anyway I peed and there it was finally a second tiny tiny faint line!!!!! I instantly started crying and thanking God!!! I know he always takes care of me! Its so hard for me sometimes to understand his timing! I have zero patience lol. I then called Molly and told her!! She was not as excited as I was but I know she has to be cautious with all this! This makes me feel so much better though and less stressful. I knew my headaches were a bit much its been like three days off and on!!!! My heart is filled with love for this baby right now. Its amazing how many people love him or her so much to get him or her here!!! Thanks again everyone for praying and please don’t stop we have a long way to go. I hope we have good big beta numbers on thursday!!!!


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