Transfer went great!!!

We got there just on time we got a little turned around lol. We got to wear great outfits lol. I was so SO nervous the night before. I didn’t really sleep at all and was so worried the whole way there. As soon as I walked in the doors and seen Molly and Jon I felt great!


I know this is all for this baby we all love so very much!!! Now I’m in the 2ww (2 week wait) we decided to just wait a few days and see how we all feel about testing early. (peeing on sticks) lol on one hand I can’t wait to test on the other I don’t want to be let down or more importantly let them down!!! Its just to much to process right now. I’m feeling great I stayed in bed the whole time and drank lots of water. I’m hoping to start feeling some signs soon! The baby was 6 days old and they magnified it 1000 times for us to see him or her!!! It was honestly one of the most amazing things I have ever seen! I’m hoping and praying this baby is digging deep in there for a long 9 months!!! That’s all I really have for now thanks for reading and please keep praying for us all!!!



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