I’m going crazy!!!!


It has only been 3 days!!!! Into my 2ww!!! We are all so excited and nervous. I’m trying to tune into any and every little thing my body may be feeling or doing! I will say the day after and yestersay I had some mild cramping nothing horrible but noticeable. The first day I thought this was maybe in my head (wishful thinking) but then yesterday it kept happening. So it was true! So what do I do GOOGLE. Bad idea lol it says it could be many things it could be great the baby implanting (what were all hoping) or just from the procedure. So we have all talked about poas (peeing on a stick)  I have always said I just want to do what they want! They said whatever I want!!! Lol but we ultimately decided we will. Were doing it together Sunday morning. I have been praying that we see something just a little line. Ill be so so sad if this dosnt work. I know it sounds crazy but I love this baby that little ball of cells is a baby that I want so very badly to give to Jon and Molly. I have never lost a baby myself and I know this will not be easy for me if I don’t turn out to be pregnant. Then I think if this will be hard for me how incredibly hard this will be for them. I also know if this dosnt work we will keep trying so that makes me feel good too. Also if the test does show negative that dosnt mean it dosnt have time to show positive. We will still have the beta test that will tell us for sure! Ill be sure to update sunday morning so please keep thinking and praying for us!

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