Happy 36 weeks! 

I went to the dr today and she went ahead and checked me since I’ve been having so many contractions! Good news I’m 2 cm dilated and baby Grace is head down!!! (I knew she was) she’s been moving good and playing in my ribs a lot! We’re having lots of fun these last few weeks!!! I’m sure she’s ready to go to her home though! It has to be quieter than my house!  Here is what Miss Grace is up to this week!!! 

Forget your aching back (and everything else!) by trying to focus on your baby, who is now about six pounds and 20 inches long, with soft bones and cartilage to allow a safer journey through the exit door. Most of her systems (from circulatory to musculoskeletal) are just about ready for prime time, though her digestion system — which has done only practice runs so far — will kick into gear as she takes her first suckle at the breast or bottle.  

  Here little Miss Grace decided to move down and super shove out my belly button!!! Ewww in all of my pregnancys this has never happened! She then moved again and it’s back to normal! haha. 


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