Transfer is a GO!!!!


AHHHHHHH I’m so excited!!!! Ok so my last ultrasound and blood work was today and all looks great my lining was 13mm!!!! That’s nice and fluffy they want you any where from 8mm to 16mm so I’m on track! We fly out sunday and get to Chicago at 4:20 then we head to the hotel! I’m sure I will not be sleeping ill be WAY to excited for the next day lol. Ill be on bed rest after too so we have lots of movies were taking with us. I’m actually really looking forward to laying in a hotel bed all day haha. I think after transfer I may just want to do a headstand the rest of the day lol. I also start pio shots on Wednesday and I have the best cousin in the world!!!! She’s coming over that night to show ricky how to do it thanks Barb your the best!!! I am also going to be drinking my pom juice and eating pineapple all week! The juice is supposed to help with lining and pineapple helps implantation. Thanks again everyone for all the thoughts and prayers and keep them coming!!!

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