Moving along

Sorry I was slow to post this update. I have started meds and had my first monitoring appointment last week. I was a little worried about my first appointment because I hadn’t started my period yet. Every med cycle I have done my first appointment I was bleeding. Gross and know and not fun but that’s what I thought was supposed to happen. I was worried all the sudden now something is wrong and not working. So we had to wait for the RE office to call me back with the results. They took all day and when they called they said they didn’t get all my results… ugggg so thankfully I’m crazy and took a picture of the numbers on the screen and so I sent her that. 😂 I didn’t know what it meant but I took a picture anyway. Then I was thankful I did. So she reassured me that me not having my period yet wasn’t a big deal. I was so relieved. Of course it came like 3 hours after that call. 😆 So now I’m on the Lupron belly shots that make me crazy and mean. I just started adding in the estrogen now that makes me super emotional and cry over literally anything. I can think about crying and cry! If you know me you know it’s far from my normal I HATE crying and basically never cry. I will have another appointment this week to check for my lining to get nice and fluffy! I need a big thick plush uterus lining for sweet baby girl! My personal life has been insane lately and I’m so excited to go to Chicago and hopefully get some much needed down time. I need an emotional break. Maybe some crying from these meds will do me some good. 😂 the good news is everything is fine and things will be calming down now. That’s perfect and just in time for baby girl to hopefully snuggle right in! I also got to plan some flowers yesterday to and that makes me so happy!!! I love the pretty flowers outside. I’m so excited for this transfer and I’m still very positive and hopeful that this girl will be the one. So many people are so excited and love her so much already. I’m still sad the last one didn’t work but I know there must have been a reason why. I’ll try to update sooner after my appointment this week.

Kailynn picked this one special for me. ❤️
This was my grandmas plant stand and I love it.
This is the picture I thankfully took.

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