32 weeks.

Happy 32 weeks to us. Baby LB is still moving like crazy and enjoying the cozy life on the inside while he plumps up for mom and dad! I’m so happy to house this little fella for his last few weeks. 😍 Its definitely going by super fast. I’m excited for all the fun the next few weeks will bring! Braxton Hicks, being checked, looking for all the little signs and symptoms that baby could be making his way into the world.

I’ve definitely been asked a lot this time how I’m feeling and what it’s like at the end. Being 100% honest I will say it’s all so worth it! Don’t get me wrong emotionally it’s weird. Not at all because I want this baby or that I want to take a baby home 😆. It’s just that when you invest SO SO much of yourself into such a big thing it’s hard when it’s over. For the last year of my life I have been consumed with blood work, contracts, medicine, shots, drs appointments etc etc

All to help another family so it’s weird when all the sudden my part is all over and everything is just supposed to go back to normal. It’s like life around me hasn’t changed but for me so much has changed and I’m stuck pretending like nothing crazy just happened days, weeks, or months ago. I always cry the first few days/week after. My hormones are a mess and honestly I just miss my belly buddy. Usually you have a baby and then obviously take them home but I go from growing them and loving them to going home to my family. It’s just different. Like I said I wouldn’t change a single thing about it and all the joy that this brings to everyone else. Not only the mom and dad but grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings etc. It’s totally worth it all! I just thought it would be nice to explain for everyone who’s curious.

I’m going to the doctor tomorrow and for a growth scan! I’m hoping baby is still staying head down. Let’s all cross our fingers and toes. 😆

Now let’s share what’s up with baby LB and some fun pictures!

How’s Baby LB?

As Baby LB keeps getting closer and closer to being born, they now measure in at 17-18 inches, are the size of a pomelo, and weigh about 4.3 pounds. Your little one’s head also has a coating of fuzz, and their skin is continuing to fill out. Baby LB is still a little ways away from their first mani-pedi, but they already do have a full set of fingernails and toenails! In fact, one of your baby’s favorite activities right now is sucking their fingers, which is not only cute, but actually improves their coordination and familiarizes them with their body.

And Baby LB is really practicing for the big stage, breathing and “swimming” like crazy. Your baby is also probably already in the head down position with their head moving closer to your pelvis as they prepare for delivery.

What’s new with you?

This late in your pregnancy, you know your own unique symptoms pretty well. Symptoms are different for every pregnant person, but one of the most common symptoms of the third trimester is the increased need to pee. Hemorrhoids, flatulence, and constipation might continue as well. And you’ve probably reached a peak in the increased blood flow that’s, by now, been contributing to any number of symptoms. That extra 50% of blood does have a purpose though — currently it’s helping to keep Baby LB snug and safe, and it’s also going to help make up for the blood you lose in delivery.

It’s also time to start thinking more about your hopes and plans for labor and delivery, including thinking about if you may want to use any pain management. Talk to your provider about your options and what makes most sense for you. Epidural anesthesia is among the most common pain management options, though many opt for other medications, or elect to have medication-free births. It is also possible to labor without analgesics (pain meds) but need other medications like pitocin and/or antibiotics. Ask your provider about the pain management options available to you and any other questions you have about labor and delivery. It does help to go into labor with an understanding of your options, but keep in mind that you can always ask more questions even when in labor if you change your mind then. Everyone’s desires and needs are different, and your provider and care team will help you do what’s best for you

Armadillos are my favorite!!! ♥️😆

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