Transfer is tomorrow.

So after our crazy last minute disney trip. (That’s was incredible by the way) We got up at 6 am to fly right back to Florida for this transfer! We landed yesterday and once we got food and checked into the room I took a nap. Today I went for my last blood draw and they called to say everything was a go for tomorrow! So tomorrow at 12:30 is our transfer. I’m so excited and nervous as always.

This is why they make me take a Xanax right before the transfer. Tonight we are going to go out for a nice dinner and then hopefully I’ll be able to sleep well tonight. The weather was pretty rainy here today in Florida but after being so tired from Disney it’s kind of nice to just rest in our room all day. We also have a beautiful balcony and view. This room is bigger then the ones we stayed at last time so I’m wondering if we got an upgrade. It’s even got a little stove top. Not that I’ll be using it though 😂.

The pio shots are already hurting pretty good now and I’m getting a couple lumps. It’s so odd sometimes Ricky stabs me and it’s great very little to no pain and then sometimes its awful the whole time! I almost feel like he plans it. 😆

Also funny story the 3 girls that rode with us in the airport shuttle also came to Tampa then they were also in the Tampa shuttle with us. I thought it was funny and started small talk because well I’ll talk to anyone. They asked what we were doing in Tampa and I told them I’m getting pregnant this week!!! Ricky was so embarrassed and said the way I said it made it sound like we came to Tampa to just have lots of sex! 😂 😂😂😂 You guys I was dying laughing. I guess it maybe could have sounded like that! They definitely didn’t ask any more questions 😳. Anyway I’ll update tomorrow after transfer! I got super cute leggings for us to wear for tomorrow for some extra good luck. Please keep us in your prayers thanks for all my support.

We got a mustang convertible rental car!
Fun at Disney
What a great balcony and view!

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