23 weeks!

Happy 23 weeks to us! We have a dr appointment this week so that’s always exciting! Then we will have another ultrasound at 28 weeks to try to get a few better pics of baby B and his heart. Things have been going just great. He is definitely getting more active and likes to play in my ribs! I can’t even be mad because it’s impressive that he can get up there. I’m getting excited that we are getting so close to all the exciting stuff now. I’m still eating my ice and loving it! We have been enjoying summer and swimming! Well mostly the kids I like to lay there and watch them haha. Also we went to Walmart and I found a Dino head to wear we thought this was hilarious! Let’s see what baby B is up to this week!!!

At around 11 inches long and just over a pound, this week marks the beginning of some serious weight gain. Your baby should double his weight over the next four weeks alone (and you may feel as though you do, too). His skin is a bit saggy since it grows a lot faster than fat — but soon he’ll start to fit his frame as fat deposits fill things out. By the time your baby is born, he will be pleasantly plump and filled out, from chubby cheeks to chubby toes. And although at 23 weeks pregnant, your baby’s organs and bones are visible through his skin (which has a red hue due to developing veins and arteries beneath), he’ll become less transparent once those fat deposits settle in.

You’ve probably heard your developing baby’s heartbeat through a Doppler a number of times already (though you never get tired of hearing it), but by now you can also hear it through a standard stethoscope. What a heartthrob!

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