19 weeks!

Hey guys. It’s been a bit sorry I’m a slacker. Our dr appointment a couple weeks ago went awesome! Baby B was a stinker and we couldn’t find the heart beat as usual. This is also my body’s fault it happens a lot something about the way my uterus sits and the placenta is always up front. So we got an extra ultrasound! I’m very excited that next week baby B’s mommy and daddy get to come for the 20 week ultrasound! I can’t believe it will be the half way point!!! I’m already getting sad. As I always say I’m not sad like I want the baby lol. I’m sad that I won’t be pregnant anymore! I’m crazy and I know it but the last half is my favorite and it goes by so incredibly fast! I’m finally showing enough that people can tell it’s a baby and not just fat woohoo. Also great news I’m still not gaining anything!!! Believe me this is normal for me and baby is just fine! Miss Ellie from my belly, my first surro baby just turned 4 this week!!! I can’t believe it she so pretty and perfect. She has started ballet and is keeping her parents very busy. I’m excited to go visit the girls soon I hope. Obviously after baby B comes! I’m starting to feel tiny movements every once in a while if I’m super still! I can’t wait for the good strong kicks and jabs! I’m really hoping baby B’s mommy and daddy get to come for another visit so that they can feel movements later on! I’m still feeling great. My back does hurt some but that’s normal too. My job doesn’t make that any easier haha. Oh and surprise I’m back to craving ice! It’s by far my favorite pregnancy craving. I think that’s all I have for now. I’ll post my updated belly pic and a pic of how big miss Ellie is! Let’s see what baby B is up to this week!

Six inches long this week and just over a half pound in weight, your baby has gone through a bit of a growth spurt and is now the size of a large mango. What’s more, your little one has a cheesy varnish. Say what? You read that right — a protective substance called vernix caseosa (vernix is the Latin word for “varnish”; caseosa means “cheese”) now covers your fetus’ skin. It’s greasy, white and made up of lanugo (that downy hair), oil from your baby’s glands and dead skin cells. This waxy “cheese” may not sound too appealing, but it’s there for good reason: Vernix protects your baby’s sensitive skin from the surrounding amniotic fluid. Without it, she’d look very wrinkled at birth (sort of what you’d look like if you soaked in a bath for nine months). The vernix sheds as delivery approaches, though some babies — especially those born early — will still be covered with it at birth, so you might get a look at your baby’s first anti-wrinkle cream

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