Yesterday’s appointment

So yesterday I had my second ultrasound and blood draw. Everything is going wonderful. The dr said my lining was at a 8 so that’s good. I counted and only 19 days with today until transfer! All my meds will be the same but I’m going to start taking extra estrogen pills 2x in the morning and 2x at night starting on Monday! Hello extra hormones! J and I are getting soooo excited about transfer day! I told her I can’t wait to have her baby. My next appointment for ultrasound and blood work is now next Thursday at 10:30. I need to remember to tell them to take the blood from my left arm because now my right one is sore and bruised. I’m still taking belly shots every night. These are the easy ones I do myself. Soon enough ricky will be taking over with the awful butt shots… They hurt and bleed. I think he enjoys doing them sometimes, I bet he thinks of all the times I annoy him, make him mad or start nagging and then bam he’s ready to hurt me lol. Let’s keep praying everything continues to go this well and that we get to transfer day with no issues!

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