Guess who’s back…!!!

So I’ve been thinking of doing another journey for awhile now. You all know I’m crazy and just LOVE being pregnant. It’s been a year and a half since I had Grace! It’s crazy it’s been that long already. She’s absolutely a doll and crazy and adventurous. I’m still very close to Molly and talk to her often. I love getting pictures of the girls and face timing with them. I’m sure you are all wondering if I could be doing this for Molly and Jon again. Sadly no they are done still. Believe me I asked! It was hard for me to decide if I could be a surrogate again. Only because I was so worried about finding a couple that I felt like we/I would connect with and like. Things had been so great with my previous two journey’s I didn’t want to jeopardize or tarnish that experience in anyway. It was scary chatting with new couples and looking at profiles trying to decide if everyone liked each other and the important things lined up. I can absolutely confidently say I have found an incredible couple who are so sweet, funny and kind! They will be wonderful parents and I feel so blessed that they like and trust me to help them! They have no children yet and I think it’s safe to say we’re all very eager to change that! This couple is a bit more private as far as sharing names and pictures go. So of course I’ll be respectful of that. They are from Florida the sunshine state! Oh how I wish I was there now! In the blog I’ll be referring to them by their initials so (mom/IM/baby mamma) will be J and (dad/IF/baby daddy) will be K. We are actually all set up and ready to go! My medical clearance has been done as well as contracts! Now I will be starting meds on Monday!!!! Shots shots shots… (not the fun ones) as long as all goes well I will be back in Florida for the embryo transfer February 13/14/15. The dr will pick one of those days to put the baby in! I’m secretly hoping for a Valentine’s Day transfer. How sweet would that be! I will say I’m not super excited about all the shots again the hormones really make me crazy! As we all know transfers are never a guarantee so please keep us In your thoughts and prayers that this sweet baby will want to dig in deep and hang out with me for 10 months! I’ve been so blessed that both of my previous transfers have worked the first times and I’m definitely hoping I can keep that track record going. I’ll go ahead and add some pictures of a few things, and I’ll update more as I start meds and things start to move forward. Thanks as always to all my family and friends who support me and my crazy life decision’s I truly appreciate you all!

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