3 hour test results. 

I’ve been waiting all morning!!! Trying not to stress too much. (Yeah right) I finally decided to call after 11! Somone answered the phone and I let her know I was sorry for bugging them but I’m just too impatient for this! I needed to know! She said yep your results are back I seen them this morning! She put me on hold. I was on hold for almost two holding songs! I kept thinking well this can’t be good they are probably waiting for a nurse to tell me about the numbers and set me up with a diet specialist. Finally she got back on the phone and said my numbers were just fine! What a  relief! She said all my numbers were way under the max! She told me all of them but to be honest I was just so happy I don’t remember any of it lol. Thanks to everyone who prayed and thought of me through all this! I’m glad this was a happy post!!! I have another dr appointment tomorrow so I’ll do another update then! 

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